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Magnus Med Club (MMC) helps researchers to publish new discoveries in the various fields of research which leads to the development of the scientific community. Our journals are open access and constantly updated to keep the knowledge flowing. Open Access to scientific discoveries and ideas is an approach to propagate knowledge worldwide.

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We are a team committed to present innovative research work. Magnus Med Club wants to provide the quality end of research papers to scientists, researchers in order to maintain the standards led by the publication ethics.


We aim to provide the best literature for the readers among the other publications. We utilize world-class technology, resources to maintain the high-end quality platform for the authors.


Our Mission is to promote research, create Value-based Knowledge and best global practices in sectors of the scientific field. Magnus Med Club anticipates standards to bring excellent quality journals in all fields.



Review Article

Post-Translational Modifications (PTMs), From A Cancer Perspective: An Overview

B Sharan Sharma1,2, Vaishna Prabhakaran [....]

Case Report

Primary Renal Lymphoma: A Case Report

Mohammed Alagha1*, Ramadan Algamal [....]

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